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There is no time like the present to take that first step, and if you book before September 28th, it’s free! Sarah Cotten, Integrative Health Specialist, is offering complimentary 45 minute consultations, (in her Tucson office or remotely). It's a chance to connect, learn more about Gut Instinct® and Sarah’s groundbreaking method, so you can see if it’s the right fit for you.

You can be free of brain fog, fatigue, mood issues, digestive issues and other health problems with Gut Instinct® Wellness. Empower yourself, to feel amazing!


The Gut-Brain Reset: A 14 Day Cleanse

It’s simple and powerful, a way to nurture your body and mind.

The digestive system and the brain are connected. By deeply nourishing both you can:

  • Enjoy digestive ease, restoring the gut as a foundation for lasting wellness.

  • Recover from anxiety and the effects of chronic stress.

  • Relish a renewed sense of energy, calm, and deep happiness

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The Gut-Brain Reset includes:

  • 3 Live Super Nutrition Webinars: (45 min.) You will be guided, step-by-step through a simple eating plan where you’ll cut out gluten, dairy and sugar. Sarah shows you what nourishing foods to eat and why. She also guides you on meal planning and how to makeover your pantry. It's an easy process–one step at a time–helping you to repair digestive health and nourish your brain and emotions. Sarah provides support for easily adopting the 14 day anti-inflammatory diet, and how to incorporate nutritious, delicious foods for lifelong well-being.

  • 1 Live Mindfulness Webinar: Learn simple, yet powerfully effective techniques for unwinding the chronic stress patterns that drive digestive problems and other physical symptoms, plus anxiety, sleep problems and mood issues. Incorporate simple take-home practices for a profound shift, and experience mental-emotional well-being. These mindfulness techniques are rooted in the principles of Somatic Experiencing® stress resolution practice.

  • 2 Live Q/A Calls with Sarah: Get guidance and your questions about your personal health answered, as your wellness journey progresses.

  • The Gut Instinct® Resources Book: Have nutrition and wellness knowledge available at your fingertips, to help you plan and implement your cleanse easily, and to track your progress.

  • The Gut-Brain Support Nutritional Supplement Plan: Learn how to incorporate key supplements for healthy digestion, detoxification, brain and mood support, plus action plans for specific digestive or mental health issues.

  • The Gut-Brain Reset Facebook Group: A wonderful way to stay connected and feel the support of peers along the way. Plus, Sarah is regularly active in the group providing feedback and answers.

  • Downloadable Recordings: All webinars and calls will be recorded so if you can't make them live, you can watch and listen later.

Your investment in your health is $597 and can be paid in full, or with an easy payment plan. Please contact us to coordinate a payment plan at (520) 347-4963 or

The Gut-Brain Reset will give you a fresh start, and deeply transform your health on all levels. This is the step you've been waiting to take. Seize the day!

To reserve your spot, please
email us.

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