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The Gut-Brain Reset

This easy-to-adopt, 5 week program is a powerful way to transform your health on all levels. Sarah and her team at Gut Instinct™ are there for you every step of the way, providing compassionate care and expertise, so you can make your wellness goals a reality. With the Gut-Brain Reset, you can:

  • Reclaim physical energy and mental clarity

  • Restore your gut as the foundation for lasting wellness

  • Repair the effects of chronic stress

  • Enjoy a renewed sense of calm and happiness


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The Gut-Brain Reset includes:

  • The DUTCH Adrenal Test, the most definitive lab test available for assessing stress hormones and nervous system health

  • 2 Functional Nutrition Sessions with Sarah

  • 2 Somatic Experiencing Sessions with Sarah

  • The Gut Instinct Wellness™ Workbook: Knowledge is readily available and progress is trackable

  • Sarah's expert time and attention, behind the scenes. She works as your "health detective" to decode the root causes of your health issues, so you can be free of them.


Gut Instinct™

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