Sarah Cotten, Integrative Health Specialist


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Our groundbreaking approach reverses the stress and inflammation that keep you from feeling your best.

We use Functional Nutrition and holistic lab testing to uncover the root causes of your health issues. We teach you how to give your body what it needs - the nutrient dense foods and nutritional supplements that are right for you.

But here is the game changer... this nutrition work is integrated with Somatic Experiencing®, an in-depth practice that resolves the stress and trauma patterns that can drive inflammation, and cause you to feel unwell. By unwinding these stress patterns you rewire your nervous system, bringing good health to body and mind. 

The marriage of these two powerful wellness models, Functional Nutrition and Somatic Experiencing, allows us to repair your gut-brain connection, restore your microbiota, and balance your adrenals. Pain and discomfort can finally go away, energy levels abound, and you feel calm, confident and ready to live your dreams.

You can be free of brain fog, fatigue, chronic pain, mood issues and digestive problems. Enjoy lasting happiness and well-being with Gut Instinct Wellness™.

Sarah is gracious, intuitive and most of all, incredibly smart about the body’s needs. What an honor it has been to have her as a compassionate mirror to my well-being!
— Sarah Sheen, Health Coach

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